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nemesis female strength over men
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Big Strong Girl Beatdown

Nemesis is a big, strong woman and uses her jiu-jitsu to grapple a fit guy.

locked in her thighs
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SaraLips Brutal Leg Strength

SaraLips shows her strongest leg scissor on Steve. She has powerful strength in her thighs.

aggressive female scissorhold
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Sexy Girls Wrestle

Sexy girls wrestle each other with crazy jiu-jitsu submissions.

gym girl beatdown
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Hot Gym Girl Beatdown

Sexy fitness girl beats up an old man in the gym.

fbb vs steve muscle domination
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FBB vs Steve muscle domination

Strong woman puts Steve in scissorholds to show him the strength and intense pressure of her powerful thighs.

Mira Gym Headscissors
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Mira Gym Workout Headscissors

Mira is a strong fitness woman and she shows off her powerful body in this video. He comes in and disturbs her solo workout so she decides to show him how strong her thighs really are.

Christina Female Bodybuilder Domination
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Christina Female Bodybuilder Domination

He tries to make a move on Christina but she quickly controls him with her powerful bodybuilder muscles.

fbb scissorhold
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FBB Femdom Scissorhold

She is a powerful female bodybuilder and enjoys wrapping her strong thighs around his neck. She toys and plays with him for her pleasure.

Denya Relentless Mixed Grappling
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Denya Tough Male vs Female Wrestling

Denya wrestles a very strong man but her wrestling ability is too much for him to handle. She wins the grappling match with her relentless wrestling ability.

Sveta Wild Woman Wrestling
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Sveta Wild Woman Mixed Wrestling

Sveta is a sexy, wild wrestler and she wrestles him in this intense match with non-stop action. She’s relentless in her wrestling to submit him.

zora pins him in victory
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Zora is the Victorious Woman

Zora loves to dominate men in wrestling. But more than just winning, she gets satisfaction from pinning down the man and sitting on him in a victory pose proving that women can defeat men in wrestling.