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Jiu-jitsu is a combat sport focused on ground fighting, grappling, and submission holds to subdue an opponent.

mean fitness girl leg power
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MMA Girl Wrestling

Electra MMA Girl

big blonde woman taps out man wrestling
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MMA Leg Lock Tapouts

She taps him out with her legs

real jiu jitsu headscissor submission
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Women’s Grappling Jiu Jitsu Headscissor Submission

Women’s Nogi grappling competition

sexy asian girl bikini wrestling
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Sexy Asian Girl Jet Mixed Wrestling

Jet vs young guy wrestling

strong fitness girl wears tight shorts and wrestles man for fun
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Fitness Girl Mixed Wrestling Domination

Myra vs Tony

fitness woman wraps her thighs around man's neck with tight front headscissor
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Yuri Honma Mixed Wrestling Knockout

Yuri Honma from Tokyo Mclub Q

instructor demonstrated jiu jitsu triangle hold for womens self defense
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Jiu Jitsu Triangle Hold Self Defense For Women

Woman demonstrates how to apply a jiu-jitsu triangle hold on a man.

xana wrestles and grapples with man
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Sexy Xana Wrestling with Strong Man

Sexy Fit Xana Mixed Wrestling

big asian girl dominates in wrestling
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Big Asian Girl Wrestles Smaller Guy

She wrestles a smaller guy and sits on him

fun practicing jiu jitsu triangle holds
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Practice BJJ Triangle Holds at Home

She puts him in a triangle hold and reverse scissorhold

fitness woman wrestling versus tall guy
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Sexy Fitness Girl Wrestles Tall Man

Sexy strong fitness girl wrestles tall guy